Tea for refreshment

Every day different taste

My day will not be completed if I do not drink a cup of tea. Tea has become part of my indulgence no matter what day I faced.

Variety of tea available in the market that I already tried. Once I into having a healthy tea, without sugar in it.

I choose black tea with different taste of fruit such as pomegranate, lemon, apple and strawberry flavor.

Other time, I choose Matcha, green tea powder that have been prepared with three in one packaging. The taste was refreshing that I forgot is actually green tea that been added with sugar.

I love tea more that any other beverages that I encounter with. No matter with sugar, condensed milk, spices or sometimes enough with boiling water.

For me, drinking a cup of tea is a must-have cup of caffeine for a day. It is mild and satisfying enough to keep me awake for 1-2 hours before having to work on the assignment.

History of Tea

The tea has been originated from the Asia, some mentions it was from India-Burma border and brought to the China by Buddhist monk.

Others mention it is origin from China itself.

In China, at first, it was chewed.

Later on, a powder of dried leaves the ground leaves were mixed with boiling water and beaten with a thin bamboo stick until it frothed.

In the Era of the Ming dynasty, they developed a ritual involving poetry, beauty and tea.

Soon, in the ninth century this culture of tea-drinking has spread to Japan.

Western civilization did not encounter the drink until the beginning of the 17th Century.

Back then, in-country such as France, Italy and Spain, tea becomes the privilege of the upper class. However, in England and the Netherlands, tea becomes the drink for everyone.

Thomas Garaway opened the first tea house in England in 1640. Later on tea, being love by the English and become part of their culture.

The English tea ritual looks like this: first milk in the cup, then tea followed by sugar.

How they drink their tea is different in each country, for instance, the Arabs and the Russian prefer tea in a glass. While others prefer drinking in Chinese porcelain. Chinese cups are actually small bowls, without handles and with a lid.

Collection of tea

Since tea has become part of my routine drinks. I always asked my mother to purchase box of small tea whenever we run out of stock.

I remember when I attended a wedding together with my brother and father, one of the door gifts was a small jar full small roses as tea.

I was delighted!. That was the first time I received such a pleasant door gift.

Meanwhile, my younger brother received peppermint tea. He gave me those tea as he rather into coffee. Hence, here is collection of tea as for now.

Different kind of tea at our home

Famous for teh tarik

In Malaysia, we are famous with teh tarik. The tea is made up of condensed milk and black tea mix together with the right proportion of boiling water.

It a must have tea for anyone who dining outside. Usually, we find it at the Mamak stall and eatery. Even some café provide teh tarik on their menu.

As for me, teh tarik is best to have with few bites of biscuit. It will be a perfect tea time.

Here a recipe for our favourite tea in Malaysia. 

Teh Tarik

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Serving : 3 person

Difficulty:  Easy 

Ingredients and Tools 

  • 4 sachet of tea 
  • 600ml of boiling water 
  • 6 tablespoon of condensed milk 
  • 2 empty jars 
Ingredients for teh tarik


  1. Soak the tea sachet into the boiling water for 3 minutes.
  2. Then, add in the condensed milk.
  3. Use two jars and at a certain height, pour in down  (tarik)  the milk tea between two jars twice.
  4. Your Teh Tarik is ready to be served.

Tea with spices

Another kind of tea that I drank while studying in India. Is cinnamon tea. In India, they called tea as chai. 

The favourite thing that I love is their small cup of tea oddly enough for me. 

Usually, in my school cafe, they will prepare the tea beforehand and stored in a stainless steel container. When the ordered came, the waitress will take stainless steel cup and pour the chai into the teacup. 

Now, that I settled in Malaysia. Once in a while, I certainly miss the cup of tea that I used to have.

I learned on the internet how to make one. Here is the recipe that I’ve altered in it. The best guide to make cinnamon chai is ratio 1:1 for the tea and the milk.

Cinnamon Chai 

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 14 minutes 

Difficulty: Easy

Serving: 3 person 


  • 1 cinnamon stick 
  • 350 ml of water 
  • 4 teabag 
  • 350 ml of milk
  • 1 ½  tablespoon brown sugar 
Ingredient for cinnamon chai


1. Break cinnamon into pieces. Boil water with cinnamon and teabag with low heat for 7 minutes.

2. Pour the milk in the tea. Add sugar and boil for another 7 minutes.

3. Filter the tea in the glass jar. Cinnamon Chai ready to be served. 

Tea with Ice

This recipe actually belongs to my mother. She noticed that a few of her colleague like to order this while they are having dinner at their workplace canteen. It was a simple recipe except you have to find the lychee syrup at the local grocery store. 

The iced lychee tea best served with the ice cube and certainly suitable during the hot season. 

Iced Lychee Tea

Prep time: 5 minutes

Difficulty:  Easy

Serving: 2 person


  • 2 teabag 
  • 60ml boiled water 
  • 2 tablespoon sugar
  • Ice cube
  • Lychee syrup
Ingredients for iced lychee tea


1. Soak the tea bag in boiled water.

2. Add in the sugar and put it aside to cool.

3. Add ice and pour in tea into the glass.

4. Add lychee and the syrup for extra flavour.

5. Iced lychee tea is ready. 

In summary, tea has been part of my life since it being introduced to me.

The same sachet can do wonders and taste differently while alternating between the ingredients.

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