COCAKERY is the brand for our cupcakes. The word was inspired by the main ingredients from coconut oil. The words also emphasis that the cupcake has a strong character.

COCAKERY was inspired by my youngest son. He really loves cupcakes.

However, one day after he ate a cupcake, he had rashes all over his face and body.

Then, he made a checkup with a doctor. Soon, he discovered that he has allergic to dairy and cocoa products.

This is because, the normal cupcakes are usually made up of dairy products such as butter, buttermilk, cream cheese and milk, containing lactose.

For some people who has an allergy to it, this will experience severe health problems.

Since that day, he has only eaten cupcakes without dairy products.

One day, he requested me to make a cupcake with coconut oil as a replacement for butter, which he does not have any problem with it.

Furthermore, a cupcake without dairy products is quite hard to find in today’s market.

As a mother, I took this request and have made a few attempts at making marble cupcakes for him.

From these trials, I have found out, that the cupcakes are not only moist from the view of the texture and more tasty compare to the normal one.

In addition, it is also healthy in the Asian’s lifestyle.

Initially, I made those cupcakes only to fulfil his desire.

After some time, others requested from me also. Very positive responses/feedbacks from many people encourage me to produce my homemade marble and pandan cupcake on a large scale.

The first production of COCAKERY was on the 14th of August 2020.