Ketupat for Hari Raya

Ketupat in general Do you familiar with ketupat? Ketupat is a type of food. In Malaysia, there are two type of ketupat named, ketupat nasi and ketupat palas. Traditionally, ketupat nasi is a rice-based that is wrapped in the young coconut leaves. While ketupat palas is a glutinous rice-based wrapped in the leaves of pokok palas (fan palm leaves). So, how we want to differentiate … Continue reading Ketupat for Hari Raya

Butter and biscuits during the festive season

How butter is invented  Initially, butter is a type of dairy product that was first made using goat or sheep milk.  In Egypt during the 18th Theban dynasty mention that there were two kinds of butter that were made either butter made from  goat’s milk  or cow’s milk. However, the Egyptian at that time preferred to use goat’s or sheep milk.  This is because goats … Continue reading Butter and biscuits during the festive season

Soy Sauce: For cooking and consuming

The black soy sauce is used as a food flavouring in much Malaysian cooking to this day. It had been used for so long in the kitchen and had its own history. Origins of the soy sauce The soy sauce is originated from the soya beans. In a poem court called Book of Odes, states that the soya plant came from northern China and began … Continue reading Soy Sauce: For cooking and consuming

Taking Alternative Route

Our previous decisions In the last post, (Preparation Before Ramadan), we do mention that we are going to open a cupcake stall in Bazar Ramadan in our localities. However, upon discussion, we decided that we had made a wrong strategy to open a cupcake stall during the pandemic. For our safety, we decided to retrieve back our decision from participating in the event. Given that … Continue reading Taking Alternative Route