Acar Buah: Traditional Complement for Malay Dish

Fruit pickles with sweet sour spicy taste Acar Buah or Fruits Pickles are a side dish that is a dark red colour cooked with a mixture of pickled  fruits with three sweet, salty and sour flavours combined. These foods use vinegar to produce a sour taste, sugar to get a sweet taste and salt to balance the taste. The use of dried chillies and curry … Continue reading Acar Buah: Traditional Complement for Malay Dish

Facts About Rendang

Rendang is a traditional dark brown Malay dish based on herbs such as lemongrass, galangal, ginger, fresh turmeric, dried chilli, red onion and garlic. All these ingredients are ground and sautéed using cooking oil. Kerisik and coconut milk are added to the sautéed gravy.  Kerisik is grated coconut that is fried without oil until it turns dark brown and pound until it becomes oily.  As … Continue reading Facts About Rendang

From Leftover Ingredients to Hearty Meal

I read an article about different kinds of food made from leftovers that turned up to be a healthy meals. My favourite food is on the list which is spaghetti bolognese and shepherd pie.  In Malaysia, we also have a few kinds of dish that is made up of leftover food.  Leftover food is food that can be consumed. However, most of it turned up … Continue reading From Leftover Ingredients to Hearty Meal

Kuih Bahulu A Malay Traditional Favourite

Kuih Bahulu is one of the Malaysian classic cakes that uses three ingredients: wheat flour, sugar and egg. The process to make Kuih Bahulu is delicate. Thus, it required a whole day to make.   The traditional process of making Kuih Bahulu  This is the process that my late mother used to do in the late ’50s. First: Measure sugar and egg On the earlier … Continue reading Kuih Bahulu A Malay Traditional Favourite

Nasi Kerabu Using Pandan Leaves

My version of making Nasi Kerabu using pandan juice.  I make six types of garnishing accompanied pandan rice.  There are salads, kelapa goreng ( stir-fry grated coconut), sambal belacan, solok lada (steam fish stuffed in green chilli), keropok ikan (fish crackers) and telur masin (salted egg).  Nasi Kerabu’s original state is from Kelantan, a state located on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.  The original colour … Continue reading Nasi Kerabu Using Pandan Leaves

Three Malay’s delicacies from overripe banana

If you have an overripe banana do not throw it away.   It is good to make Malay traditional delicacies: Jemput-jemput pisang, Kek pisang or Lepat pisang.  Three different methods of Malay cooking to transform an overripe banana into a yummy snack!   Jemput-Jemput Pisang (Banana Balls by deep-frying). Kek Pisang (Banana Cakes by baking). Lepat Pisang (Steam Banana Packets by steaming).  Two conditions to choose overripe … Continue reading Three Malay’s delicacies from overripe banana

Recipe Jemput-jemput Pisang (Banana Ball)

Banana balls are made using overripe bananas, wheat flour, brown sugar, salt and soda bicarbonate to produce a batter with the taste of naturally sweet banana. Banana batter, deep-fried in cooking oil turns to a nice colour of the dark brown banana ball. Traditionally we use fingers to make the round shape of the banana ball. Alternatively, you may use a spoon.  Two ways to … Continue reading Recipe Jemput-jemput Pisang (Banana Ball)

Cucur Udang (Prawn Fritters) A Classic Snack

The prawn is dipped in the liquid thick batter consisting of wheat flour, egg, chives, chilli, turmeric powder, water and salt. Deep fry the batter to give it a flavourful taste. Cucur Udang can be eaten for breakfast or as a snack for afternoon tea. Dip the prawn fritters in satay sauce for a marvellous taste to be enjoyed with family. My experience cooking Cucur … Continue reading Cucur Udang (Prawn Fritters) A Classic Snack

Malaysian Beef Soup Soto

Soto Daging is Nasi Impit (compressed rice) in a spiced beef broth. In Malaysia, Soto Daging uses shredded beef, begedil (potato dumplings), spring onion and soup leaves as garnishing. The richness of the spice in the broth makes the bland Nasi Impit taste delectable. Usually, I like to eat the soup with garnishings as it gives a marvellous taste. However, I do not feel full. … Continue reading Malaysian Beef Soup Soto

The Facts About Ketupat from Malay’s Kitchen

Ketupat is a type of food specially made during Hari Raya Aidilfitri. In Malaysia, there are two type of ketupat named, ketupat nasi and ketupat palas. The difference between ketupat nasi and ketupat palas Traditionally, ketupat nasi is a rice-based that is wrapped in the young coconut leaves. While ketupat palas is a glutinous rice-based wrapped in the leaves of pokok palas (fan palm leaves). … Continue reading The Facts About Ketupat from Malay’s Kitchen