7 Recipes to make an ordinary egg into a hearty meal

How important eggs in our home Even though it is simple yet is the main ingredient in many dishes. What is this main ingredient? The answer is an egg. Eggs are a versatile food and many people enjoy them fried, boiled, scrambled or baked. They are easy to incorporate into a diet. Eggs fulfil a lot of cooking requirements. It is cost saving protein. Easy … Continue reading 7 Recipes to make an ordinary egg into a hearty meal

Rice Vermicelli Beef Soup Noodle

There are many ways of making noodle soup in Malaysia and it is always broth. It can be rice vermicelli with vegetable soup, chicken soup, beef soup or lamb soup. The difference in the soup is the main ingredient that we use in the broth. The vegetable soup consists of mixed vegetables such as mushrooms, baby corn, carrot and pak choy.  To make the broth … Continue reading Rice Vermicelli Beef Soup Noodle

How to Make Pandan Bubble Milk Tea at Home

We love pearl Milk Tea. As pandan leaves is plenty in our compound, thus we decided to make a twist to the Milk Tea using pandan as the main ingredient for the bubble. You may look at this article to see how we make pandan extract. Here is the recipe. Pandan Bubble Milk Tea Prep time: 2 hours  Cook time: 10 minutes Servings: 2 drinks  … Continue reading How to Make Pandan Bubble Milk Tea at Home

Recipe: Turkish Beyran Soup

Here, is my version of Turkish Beyran Soup. Prep time: 2 hours 20 minutes Cook time: 2 hours 45 minutes Serving sizes: 4 persons The ingredients is divided into two. Sautéing ingredients  3 red onions 2 garlic 2 teaspoon cumin seeds 5 dried chillies 3 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp butter 165ml tomato puree Soup ingredients  1 cup/ 160 g dhal 2-litre water 300g beef … Continue reading Recipe: Turkish Beyran Soup