Glass containers as a food packaging

Food packaging is a closed container used to protect and preserve the quality of food during shipment, stored or displayed Two main types of glass containers in food packaging: glass bottles and glass jars. Glass bottles have narrow necks while glass jars have wide openings. Both glass bottles and jars are made from four main materials; sand, soda ash, limestone, and “cullet,”. Cullet is recycled … Continue reading Glass containers as a food packaging

Palm sugar a Natural Sweetener from Asia

Palm sugar is a natural sweetener made from coconut sap. In Malaysia, it is better known as gula Melaka.  Coconut sap from coconut trees is also a basic ingredient for other food products such as chocolate toffee and cookies. Palm sugar is widely available in the local grocery stores in Malaysia.  In other countries, such as Ireland and the United State it can be found … Continue reading Palm sugar a Natural Sweetener from Asia

3 type of onions commonly use in cooking

There are variety of onions in the market and it a must-have sautéing ingredients in the cooking. I use three types of onion which is the red onion, yellow onion and shallots. Shallots Shallots is better known as bawang merah kecil in Malay. Specifically, I use shallots to make ingredients for sautéing and preparing sambal. For daily cooking the portion that I used will be three … Continue reading 3 type of onions commonly use in cooking

Baking Ingredients in Selayang

A shopping guide for home bakers Selayang is located in Gombak district in Selangor. This is the place whereby people from the Klang Valley to get their fresh goods such as vegetables and fruits, seafood, and poultry at wholesale price.   It is also known as Kuala Lumpur’s Kitchen (KL’s Kitchen). Over here, a few shops sell baking ingredients at affordable price and because of this, … Continue reading Baking Ingredients in Selayang

Coconut oil for baking cake

Using coconut oil you can swap with butter Coconut oil is an edible plant-based oil extracted from the kernel of coconuts. This means it can be consumed directly, however, I rather use it as part of baking ingredients.   It has been one year since I started using coconut oil for baking cupcakes.  The coconut oil used in my cupcakes has made it creamy, soft, and moist … Continue reading Coconut oil for baking cake

How to use pandan leaves to cook Malay Cuisine

About pokok pandan Pandan is a tropical plant native to Malaysia. The leaves are long, narrow at the end and pointed. The height of pandan tree is about a metre tall. Pandan leave has multiple usage in the Malay cuisine. It can be used to cook Nasi Lemak and sweet porridge like Bubur Pulut Hitam and Bubur Kacang Hijau. Besides that, it also can act … Continue reading How to use pandan leaves to cook Malay Cuisine