From Kitchen To Beauty

Coconut water for drinks Coconut is one of the plants that do wonders in people’s life. In my culture, we use a lot of coconut-based ingredients for cooking. It has is own daily use especially for the coconut milk and grated coconut.  The amount of coconut usage is high and because of that, it is normal to see people plant coconut in their house compound … Continue reading From Kitchen To Beauty

An open invitation to opportunity

When the lady seller at the coconut milk stall in the market gives a positive response that I can put my cupcakes at her stall gives me a motivational impact. This is a starting point to be an entrepreneur. I start thinking on the way home from the market.  Yes, I’m happy about this. In my mind, I think differently.  There are 10 questions lingering … Continue reading An open invitation to opportunity

Experiences finding coconut oil in Malaysia

A special  request When my son requested me to make a cake from coconut oil, it raised a question. I ask him why coconut oil?. I told him, all these years I make cake from butter and never coconut oil. “Well, now I can’t take dairy products including butter anymore. I’m allergic to it,” he said. My response is, “Well said, where I’m gonna find … Continue reading Experiences finding coconut oil in Malaysia

Simple Tips: Using onions in cooking

How many meals we normally have in a day There are three main meals a day. We call it breakfast, lunch and dinner. This set of meals is running down generation to generation. This is considered traditional meals time to a family.  But along the way, as years went by, when people were busy with work, they chose not to take this set of traditional … Continue reading Simple Tips: Using onions in cooking

How to use pandan leaves to cook Malay Cuisine

Pandan is a tropical plant native to Malaysia. The leaves are long, ribbed and lance-shaped and as a garden specimen it has a unique appearance and only about a metre tall. I grow pandan plants in my garden. Pandan plants are easy to grow in our tropical climate. It grows directly from the soil. If you trim the pandan leaves in the pot, it will … Continue reading How to use pandan leaves to cook Malay Cuisine

Coconut oil in cooking

  Edible coconut oil for cooking To be honest I never used coconut oil in my cooking before. The fact that my youngest son has an allergy towards dairy products made me realise that I need to learn using it. Searching for coconut oil in my localities is quite difficult at first. I didn’t know where to start searching. I even went to the northern … Continue reading Coconut oil in cooking

Bawang Merah (Shallots)

Shallots in My Cooking We use onions all the time in cooking. It is a very important ingredient in a dish and without onion, the food is not tasty. There is a  variety of onion in the market but I  use three types of onion which is the red onion, yellow onion and shallots. Specifically, I use shallots to make ingredients for sauteing and preparing … Continue reading Bawang Merah (Shallots)

Belacan (Shrimp Paste)

Belacan is also known as shrimp paste in English. Belacan is a type of Malay condiment made of udang geragau (krill) that has been salted, dried and fermented for four months. It is an essential ingredient in Malay cooking. The recipes that had belacan are sambal tumis, asam pedas, air asam, sambal belacan. Essentially, there are two ways of making belacan either traditionally pound or … Continue reading Belacan (Shrimp Paste)