How to Make Pandan Bubble Milk Tea at Home

We love pearl Milk Tea. As pandan leaves is plenty in our compound, thus we decided to make a twist to the Milk Tea using pandan as the main ingredient for the bubble. You may look at this article to see how we make pandan extract. Here is the recipe. Pandan Bubble Milk Tea Prep time: 2 hours  Cook time: 10 minutes Servings: 2 drinks  … Continue reading How to Make Pandan Bubble Milk Tea at Home

Tea with distinctive names and flavours

Multiple way of making tea a superb drink   On a rainy day I bring a kettle to the sink and fill it with fresh water from the tap.  When the kettle is filled enough, put it on top of the two-burner metallic grey gas stove. Switch on the fire.  Meanwhile, I took dried crushed peppermint tea leaves into a teapot.  The kettle whistles.  Quickly, switch … Continue reading Tea with distinctive names and flavours

Kopitiam Malaysian Coffee Shop

The taste and aroma of local coffee fill the atmosphere as you enter the coffee shop. The person-in-charge at the kitchen busy preparing people’s order. The customers waiting patiently to be served at a table. In the mean time, some are reading newspaper while others have small conversation with their friends. Majority who patronise the coffee shop are men in their 60s. Kopitiam Kopitiam is … Continue reading Kopitiam Malaysian Coffee Shop