Soy Sauce: For cooking and consuming

The black soy sauce is used as a food flavouring in much Malaysian cooking to this day. It had been used for so long in the kitchen and had its own history. Origins of the soy sauce The soy sauce is originated from the soya beans. In a poem court called Book of Odes, states that the soya plant came from northern China and began … Continue reading Soy Sauce: For cooking and consuming

When the fragrant dilute through the atmosphere

Baking cupcakes using coconut oil Baking is one part of the cooking method. There are others too. We may stir-fry, deep fry, steam, boil and grill. All of these make the food tasty to eat and to get the best nutrients from it. Nutritional food leads to a healthy lifestyle. Food is one of many ways for family bonding. Cooking for the family makes the … Continue reading When the fragrant dilute through the atmosphere

Bawang Merah (Shallots)

Shallots in My Cooking We use onions all the time in cooking. It is a very important ingredient in a dish and without onion, the food is not tasty. There is a  variety of onion in the market but I  use three types of onion which is the red onion, yellow onion and shallots. Specifically, I use shallots to make ingredients for sauteing and preparing … Continue reading Bawang Merah (Shallots)

How I toast belacan

Belacan paste in general Belacan is a type of Malay condiment made of udang geragau that has been salted, dried and fermented for four months. (Udang geragau is a small shrimp that resembles krill). Udang geragau is only available in certain places such as in Malacca and Tanjung Dawai in Kedah. In English, belacan is known as shrimp paste and one of the essential ingredients … Continue reading How I toast belacan