Daging Halia

Here is another gourmet dish that can be prepared by using Spicy Chilli Oil MadeByNor.  It is fresh beef cooked with ginger easily available in the market.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 5 minutes 

Difficulty: Easy

Serving: 4 person 

Daging Halia Spicy Chili Oil

Daging Halia


  • 600g boil beef
  • 5cm ginger
  • 5 tablespoon Spicy Chilli Oil MadeByNor
  • Pinch of salt


Steps 1: Slice the beef and ginger.

Steps 2: Heat the Spicy Chilli Oil MadeByNor in the pan.

Steps 3: Add in ginger and beef.

Steps 4: Fry for 4 minutes. Daging Halia Spicy Chilli Oil ready.

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