Cupcake Sedap di Selayang

Cupcake kami berjenama COCAKERY yang dihasilkan pembuatan sepenuhnya di Selayang. Kami percaya cupcake kami istimewa dan sihat tanpa aising adalah cara menikmati cupcake yang sedap. Keistimewaan ini menepati cita rasa penggemar cupcake tanpa aising. Kami menyediakan pelbagai perisa yang boleh dinikmati ramai. Teras utama perniagaan kami adalah menghasilkan cupcake bagi mereka yang mempunyai alergi  terhadap produk tenusu. Penggunaan minyak kelapa sebagai ramuan utama dalam adunan … Continue reading Cupcake Sedap di Selayang

Kek Batik as Eid al-Fitr Cake

We established a non-baking cake with a different taste. Kek Batik is one of Malaysian delicacy made with traditional biscuit Marie as one of the main ingredients. Similar to our other lines of cakes and cupcakes, we are focusing in preparing it from coconut oil making it suitable for anyone who loves trying special treats. The topping is overflowing with chocolate sauce made from dark … Continue reading Kek Batik as Eid al-Fitr Cake

Pandan Cupcakes

Different presentation of pandan flavour Pandan is one of the earliest flavour that we have making and thus it undergoes many changes in the form of presentation. Initially, we make it plain as we want to serve simple cupcakes to the customers. As time passing by, we add few topping to enhance the pandan cupcakes. Thus, we add chocolate chips, chocolate spread and chocolate rice … Continue reading Pandan Cupcakes

When the fragrant dilute through the atmosphere

Baking cupcakes using coconut oil Baking is one part of the cooking method. There are others too. We may stir-fry, deep fry, steam, boil and grill. All of these make the food tasty to eat and to get the best nutrients from it. Nutritional food leads to a healthy lifestyle. Food is one of many ways for family bonding. Cooking for the family makes the … Continue reading When the fragrant dilute through the atmosphere

Differences between cupcakes, fairy cakes and muffin

What is our body need daily? We consume a variety of food to supply nutrients and energy for our body every day.  The food that we take must contain a combination of nutrients.   What is nutrient: Substance in food that provides structural or functional components or energy to the body. Essential nutrient: Substance that must be obtained from the diet because the body cannot make … Continue reading Differences between cupcakes, fairy cakes and muffin