Lessons learned through following recipes on the Internet

The internet is full of knowledge that everyone shares their own cooking tips. 

The key for learners is, to know whether the information is accurate and helpful. 

For me, there is no right or wrong way of cooking and everyone may find ways to work on their cooking skills. 

As for learning through the internet, I always make a revision on the recipe that is available on the Internet before cooking. 

Here are some takeaway lessons that I learned through following recipes on the Internet. 

Lessons learned from learning recipe through Internet.
This book is my notes on how to make Kuih Cara from the Internet. Kuih Cara is a traditional kuih that is popular in Malaysia.

Lesson 1 

Have some idea on how the taste and look of the meal.

The last time when I went to Europe, I tasted a Turkish soup. I did not know the name. 

Back here in my country, I wanted to remake the meal. Thus I search for Turkish soup on the internet and come across many kinds of Turkish soup. 

I was completely overwhelmed by the abundance of recipes. Luckily with the help of an image search, I manage to identify the soup that I taste. 

From there onwards I can remake the recipe that I have tasted in Europe. 

Thus, the key here, next time when you eat, have a close look at the appearance of the meal it will help you tremendously in making the recipe at home. 

The taste of the meal is also important as we can figure out the ingredients that are used to make the meal.

Lesson 2

Find the recipe that you have available ingredients at home

There are plenty of recipes on the Internet that we can find. However, some recipes require many ingredients to make in order to yield the same result. 

I always look for three to four websites that teach the same meal with different ingredients and compare the ingredients with what we have in the kitchen. 

Sometimes I also watch videos on the Internet on how to prepare the same meal. 

Even though it looks like taking a lot of time, however, this will saves the time of searching for the ingredients in the store and also prevents wastage of the ingredients that are available at home. 

Lesson 3

Follow the recipe closely.

When I first started out, I used to adjust the ingredients and the quantity that the recipe had given.

Oftentimes, I failed. The meal somehow is not working as it is because I already adjusted the measurement. Then I started to blame myself for not following the recipe and the mood to eat became less. Thus, follow the instructions on the recipe religiously.  

Lesson 4 

Sometimes the recipe just told the basics and you have to figure out the rest.

For example, I found an easy and delicious cake recipe on the Internet.

However, it just stated the basic rule of making the cake without instructions on how to bake the cake properly.

Luckily, I consulted my mother and she told me that I need to wrap the tin cake on the outside so that the cake does not appear like a mountain and cause me difficulty to layer the cake together after it is baked. 

Usually, the two-layer cake is made when one big cake is cut in half. 

Two layer chocolate moist cake
I baked this two-layer cake using nine-inch cake tin wrapped with wet tissues and aluminium foil.

However, there are techniques that can be used to bake the layer cake nicely without being cut in the middle. 

Cutting the cake causes the shape to be unequal in size.

Thus, my mother taught me a new technique. 

Hence, always consult your mother on the recipe as there is so much information on the Internet. Our mother’s technique and expertise sometimes are better and practical. 

Lesson 5

Try the recipe and change the ingredients according to your preferences.

When you find the right recipe and make it multiple times, after some time you may come out with the idea of making them taste better. 

For instance, I love the Martha Stewart pancake recipe and at the same time I love using coconut oil too.

Thus, I used coconut oil as a replacement for the vegetable oil mentioned in her pancake recipe.

It turned out to be my go-to recipe for breakfast. 

Lastly, we can make our own meal at home without the need to spend a large amount of money. 

Essentially what we need is some basic knowledge of cooking and extra guidance from outside, be it a real person or virtual. 

Armed with the recipe, skills and courage you will certainly ace the cooking. 

Final thought, be creative with ingredients. 😊 

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