Kuih Cara: A Malaysian Delicacy With Two Tastes

What is Kuih Cara?

Kuih Cara is a type of Malay kuih origin from Malaysia.

The basic ingredients for Kuih Cara are water, wheat flour, egg, coconut milk, salt and cooking oil.

We also add few drops of food colouring to give it a beautiful and appealing look.

Kuih Cara has two varieties with two different tastes, sweet for Kuih Cara Manis and savoury Kuih Cara Berlauk.

The batter to make these are the same except the colour, shape and fillings of the kuih are different.

The batter can easily be prepared by adding the ingredients in a blender.

Switch on the blender to mix all the ingredients together. Voila!

You get the batter.

The tricky part is where we need to prepare mould. During good old days, Malay used coconut husk and charcoal as fuel to cook the kuih.

Now it is much easier, that we may cooked it on a stove with low heat.

To prepare the mould, it needs to be preheated on the stove and grease it with cooking oil.

I used my own pandan brush for that.

Next, we must ensure the mould is very hot before adding the batter.

When I placed the pandan brush on the hot mould, there will be hissing sounds coming from it. From there I know that the mould is hot for me to pour the batter.

The batter takes approximately ten minutes to cook and the kuih need to take out from the mould immediately.

The process continued until the batter finish.

This are the basic of making Kuih Cara.

Here I will be explaining in details about two types of Kuih Cara.

Kuih Cara Manis

Kuih Cara Manis
Kuih Cara Manis was placed on traditional tikar mengkuang (woven mat).

Manis means sweet in English and in this kuih is also referring to sugar that being added later in the batter when we cook.

This is one of kuih that we do not add sugar while mixing the batter.

Thus, the amount of sugar can be adjusted per liking.

For Kuih Cara Manis, normally the color is green.

In order to get the beautiful green colour I mixed pandan juice and two drops of green food colouring while mixing the batter.

To get the shape of the Kuih Cara Manis, we cook it in oval shape mould.

In my case, the moulds that I used were bought 22 years ago.

The moulds look new because my mother rarely used it. She only used to cook Kuih Bahulu for Hari Raya celebration.

As for way to serve, we usually place two Kuih Cara Manis on top of each other.

Kuih Cara Berlauk

Kuih Cara Berlauk
Another variety of Kuih Cara. We add minced meat as filling.

Lauk means side dish in English which is referring to the filling that we are going to used compared to using sugar in Kuih Cara Manis

The savoury filling is using minced meat cooked with garlic, red onion and curry paste.

As you can see, we also add a slice of chilli and Chinese celery (daun sup) that being added later.

Kuih Cara Berlauk has yellow colour and usually we used flowery shape mould to accommodate the rich filling.  

The way we served Kuih Cara Berlauk is we display it as a single kuih.

These traditional kuih using basic ingredients and simple method that can be made at home.

The Kuih Cara Manis suitable for kids while Kuih Cara Berlauk for adults. It can be enjoyed at tea time.

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