Getting to know Bingka Ubi

Bingka Ubi Malaysian’s kuih

Bingka Ubi is made from baked tapioca mixed with coconut milk, sugar and salt. 

The term Bingka Ubi is used by those living in the West Coast and the Southern state of Malaysia while those living in the Northern and Eastern Coast name it  Bengkang Ubi

Bingka Ubi Using Grated Tapioca
Yellow Bingka Ubi
This is Bingka Ubi made from tapioca.

Three types of Bingka Ubi

The difference is according to the sugar and tapioca that we used. 

Brown Bingka Ubi

The white tapioca using a combination of palm sugar and coarse sugar makes the Bingka Ubi brown in colour after baking. 

This brown Bingka Ubi is common for older generations. It is a classic menu and rare to see it now at the kuih stall. 

The brown Bingka Ubi takes extra effort to bake because we have to cook the palm sugar separately before mixing it in the tapioca mixture.

Yellow Bingka Ubi

Another type of Bingka Ubi is using coarse sugar with a few drops of yellow food colouring in the white tapioca.

Natural Yellow Bingka Ubi

Natural color of yellow tapioca
Natural Colour
This is natural yellow tapioca.

The third type is using yellow tapioca with coarse sugar. The natural colour of tapioca makes the Bingka Ubi yellow in colour.

The Natural yellow Bingka Ubi is seldom to find because there are not many yellow tapiocas in the market. 

How to cut Bingka Ubi traditionally

Traditionally, Bingka Ubi was cut like a diamond shape in bigger pieces.

Now, Bingka Ubi is cut into a square or rectangular shape as it gets more pieces and serves more people, especially in receptions.


Bingka Ubi is an older generation baking recipe but still loved by younger generations. The recipe is simple and delicious to eat as a family get together or for a reception.

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