Kuih Cara: A Malaysian Delicacy With Two Tastes

Kuih Cara is a type of kuih origin from Malaysia. It has two varieties with two different tastes, sweet for Kuih Cara Manis and savoury for Kuih Cara Berlauk. The basic ingredients for Kuih Cara are coconut milk, wheat flour, egg, salt, water and cooking oil. The batter to make these are the same except the colour, shape and fillings of the kuih are different. … Continue reading Kuih Cara: A Malaysian Delicacy With Two Tastes

Cakoi Based on Chinese Fried Bread Recipe

What is kuih cakoi?  Cakoi is a Malay word for You-tiao, a type of Chinese doughnuts.  The cakoi made up of basic ingredients such as wheat flour, egg, yeast, baking powder, milk, water, salt, sugar and cooking oil.  The combination of the above ingredients produces a strip of golden brown color dough when cooked using the deep-fried method.  (*Kuih is a broad term for Malay … Continue reading Cakoi Based on Chinese Fried Bread Recipe

Butter and biscuits during the festive season

How butter is invented  Initially, butter is a type of dairy product that was first made using goat or sheep milk.  In Egypt during the 18th Theban dynasty mention that there were two kinds of butter that were made either butter made from  goat’s milk  or cow’s milk. However, the Egyptian at that time preferred to use goat’s or sheep milk.  This is because goats … Continue reading Butter and biscuits during the festive season

Soy Sauce: For cooking and consuming

Type of soy sauces There are three types of soy sauce: salty soy sauce, sweet soy sauce and dark soy sauce.  Soy sauce or which is famously known as kicap in our everyday Malay language is a suitable ingredient for cooking or to eat as it is.  In this blog post, I will share how I use soy sauce to simplify cooking and adding flavour … Continue reading Soy Sauce: For cooking and consuming

The Story of Ais Kacang

Ais kacang is a type of ice shaved dessert. It is commonly known as Ais Batu Campur (ABC). Almost every country has their own version of ais kacang, using different words according to their mother tongue.   In the Philippine their ice shaved dessert is known as Halo-Halo. Meanwhile in Thailand, they are known as Nam Kang Sai. The East Asia referring to Japan, China … Continue reading The Story of Ais Kacang

Signature Dish of Malaysia

Malaysian food is diversified  with culture Today, there are many ways of people having a meal. Back then when we were a child, the only things that we know is our mother’s cooking. But not to this day, whereby we are fed with a variety of food. The food industry has blooming even for the people who are not having the same culture could have … Continue reading Signature Dish of Malaysia