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Sambal Nasi Lemak

We use 100% halal ingredients and there is no artificial preservative being added. The sambal is ready to eat with your favourite choice of meal.

Weight: 200 gram

Price: RM12.80

Spicy Chilli Oil

We crafted chilli oil recipe that perfect for saute. This can be used to cook simple dish such as roti telor or gourmet type of cooking such as mee bandung!

Weight: 175 gram

Price: RM 11.20

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Lagi lama lagi sedap. Sambal ni pedas dan manis. Nak makan dengan roti canailah!

— Fendi

Very nice stir fry pak choy! Tasty!

— Mark

1st time masak daging pekasam guna minyak cili,bau dia harum dengan garlic n all sedapnya.

Harum beza dengan minyak biasa.

— Hatipah

Boleh makan dengan salad.

— Zalifah