Flavours to choose

Price RM3 each

Large size: 75g

Minimum 6 cupcakes for delivery

Can choose any flavour. Mix and match.

Order 3 days before delivery.

Cash on Delivery.

Milo Marble Cupcakes
Blueberry Passion Fruit Cupcake
Single Milo Chocolate Chips
Suggestion for delivery

Price: RM18 for a box

Combo cupcakes of different flavour
Vanilla Chocolate Chips Cupcakes
Organic Pandan Cupcakes

Medium sized cupcakes

Weight: 50 gram

Price RM 38 for a set

Each set contains 20 cupcakes with 4 different flavour

Cute cupcakes milo marble
Cute cupcakes of vanilla chocolate chip
Cute cupcake of pandan
Cute cupcake of blueberry passion fruit

For delivery

A set of medium size cupcake for delivery