Flavours to choose

Price RM3 each

Large size: 75g

Minimum 6 cupcakes for delivery

Can choose any flavour. Mix and match.

Order 3 days before delivery.

Cash on Delivery.

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Milo Marble Cupcakes
Blueberry Passion Fruit Cupcake
One of the favourites, Milo Chocolate Chips
Suggestion for delivery

Price: RM18 for a box containing 6 pieces of cupcakes

Combo cupcakes of different flavour
Vanilla Chocolate Chips Cupcakes
Organic Pandan Cupcakes
Simple red velvet

Medium sized cupcakes

Weight: 50 gram

RM 1.90 per pieces

Minimum 20 pieces for delivery

Cute cupcakes milo marble
Cute cupcakes of vanilla chocolate chip
Cute cupcake of pandan
Cute cupcake of blueberry passion fruit

Suggestion for delivery

Price : RM 38 per box containing 20 pieces of cupcakes

A set of medium size cupcake for delivery