ESSEN is a brand for our sambal nasi lemak produced by us.

The word ESSEN comes from the German language which means “eat”. The sambal has been prepared in a way it can directly be eaten and no need for additional cooking.

It is suitable to eat with rice dishes, noodles and as a dip for cekodok (fritters).


How ESSEN is made? 

ESSEN is made from halal ingredients which consist of dried chilli, garlic, red onion,  tamarind paste, shrimp paste and cooking oil.

With the correct amount of sugar and salt to complete the taste. ESSEN is packed in a glass bottle making it safe for storage. 

For Whom? 

ESSEN  is very suitable for the family with young kids because the taste is spicy-sweet. 

The sweet taste makes it likeable by the children and the spiciness is mild.

ESSEN is also perfect for career women and working men who wish to bring their own lunch to work.  


How long does our sambal last? 

Our sambal lasts for six months if we keep at room temperature as well in the refrigerator. Once the bottle is opened, the sambal lasts for 14 days in the refrigerator.

Can sambal be frozen? 

Yes, it can be frozen. The taste will remain the same even after a long time. 

Where to buy ESSEN?

Currently, ESSEN can be made upon order from the customer. It can be delivered to your home if located within our radius. (Selayang, Batu Caves, Gombak)

The price

RM 18.50 for 200 gram 

This video show how we packed ESSEN