Banana Fritter Coated With Sesame Seed

Pisang Goreng or Banana Fritter is a sweet ripe banana coated in batter and deep-fried in cooking oil.   The ripe banana is soft and could not be fried as it is. It must be coated with batter.   As the hot oil absorb the batter, cook the batter and not directly the banana.  Thus, producing the Pisang Goreng with a crispy texture outside while retaining its … Continue reading Banana Fritter Coated With Sesame Seed

Recipe Bubur Som Som

A delicate sweet porridge with a soft texture that is easily cut through. It uses three main ingredients: rice flour, coconut milk and water.  The syrup that accompanies the dessert gives it a light flavour and it has two types: palm sugar syrup as well as clear syrup.  The original version of syrup is prepared using coarse sugar as the main ingredient. It produces clear water … Continue reading Recipe Bubur Som Som

Baulu a Malay Traditional Kuih

The Malay generation in the early days created kuih with three main ingredients. They use wheat flour, sugar and egg. They named it Kuih Baulu. The ingredients are normally available in the kitchen at their house in village. Kuih Baulu requires simple ingredients but the process to make is delicate with a longer time.  There is no measurement tool to get the right amount of … Continue reading Baulu a Malay Traditional Kuih

Getting to know Bingka Ubi

Many of the Malay kuih we inherit from the older generation are traditionally being served until today. Malaysian can easily find all sorts of Malay delicacies sold by stalls at the roadside.  Usually, our older generation creatively makes kuih from the ingredient that is easily available. Bingka Ubi is one of them. It is made from tapioca that easily grows in our tropical weather.  In … Continue reading Getting to know Bingka Ubi

Kuih Cara: A Malaysian Delicacy With Two Tastes

Kuih Cara is a type of kuih origin from Malaysia. It has two varieties with two different tastes, sweet for Kuih Cara Manis and savoury for Kuih Cara Berlauk. The basic ingredients for Kuih Cara are coconut milk, wheat flour, egg, salt, water and cooking oil. The batter to make these are the same except the colour, shape and fillings of the kuih are different. … Continue reading Kuih Cara: A Malaysian Delicacy With Two Tastes

Cakoi Based on Chinese Fried Bread Recipe

What is kuih cakoi?  Cakoi is a Malay word for You-tiao, a type of Chinese doughnuts.  The cakoi made up of basic ingredients such as wheat flour, egg, yeast, baking powder, milk, water, salt, sugar and cooking oil.  The combination of the above ingredients produces a strip of golden brown color dough when cooked using the deep-fried method.  (*Kuih is a broad term for Malay … Continue reading Cakoi Based on Chinese Fried Bread Recipe