4 Lessons learned from painting boundary wall independently

I think, calculate and plan by myself  It is an eyesore to watch the railing and boundary wall of my house deteriorating for many years.   The paint has long gone, replaced by moldy walls. It was an unpleasant view.  The boundary wall needs a facelift  but  it is costly to hire people for repainting. Time does not permit DIY painting because working in the media … Continue reading 4 Lessons learned from painting boundary wall independently

Kopitiam Malaysian Coffee Shop

The taste and aroma of local coffee fill the atmosphere as you enter the coffee shop. The person-in-charge at the kitchen busy preparing people’s order. The customers waiting patiently to be served at a table. In the mean time, some are reading newspaper while others have small conversation with their friends. Majority who patronise the coffee shop are men in their 60s. Kopitiam Kopitiam is … Continue reading Kopitiam Malaysian Coffee Shop

Book as a therapy to mind

Reading is an essential skill as we grow up, not until I found this term; bibliotherapy.  I was intrigued with the term as I read it through the local daily newspaper. Bibliotherapy is a concept of “healing” through reading.  The words come from Greek word which “biblios” means book and the word “therapia” means healing.  As I was searching further for an in depth meaning … Continue reading Book as a therapy to mind