Taking Alternative Route

Our previous decisions In the last post, (Preparation Before Ramadan), we do mention that we are going to open a cupcake stall in Bazar Ramadan in our localities. However, upon discussion, we decided that we had made a wrong strategy to open a cupcake stall during the pandemic. For our safety, we decided to retrieve back our decision from participating in the event. Given that … Continue reading Taking Alternative Route

Petite ingredient do wonders in cooking

Pastry as a staple food There is a lot of food considered staple foods although the generation definition varied. For Malay, rice is our staple food. Rice is marvellous to eat with any side dish such as seafood, poultry or meat.  Rice is a carbohydrate food and if taken more without using it, the energy that had to be used turns to fat and thus … Continue reading Petite ingredient do wonders in cooking