Taking Alternative Route

Our previous decisions In the last post, (Preparation Before Ramadan), we do mention that we are going to open a cupcake stall in Bazar Ramadan in our localities. However, upon discussion, we decided that we had made a wrong strategy to open a cupcake stall during the pandemic. For our safety, we decided to retrieve back our decision from participating in the event. Given that … Continue reading Taking Alternative Route

Selayang Guide: Where to Find Baking Ingredients

A shopping guide for home bakers Selayang is located in Gombak district in Selangor. This is the place whereby people from the Klang Valley to get their fresh goods such as vegetables and fruits, seafood, and poultry at wholesale price.   It is also known as Kuala Lumpur’s Kitchen (KL’s Kitchen). Over here, a few shops sell baking ingredients at affordable price and because of this, … Continue reading Selayang Guide: Where to Find Baking Ingredients

Coconut oil for baking cake

Using coconut oil you can swap with butter Coconut oil is an edible plant-based oil extracted from the kernel of coconuts. This means it can be consumed directly, however, I rather use it as part of baking ingredients.   It has been one year since I started using coconut oil for baking cupcakes.  The coconut oil used in my cupcakes has made it creamy, soft, and moist … Continue reading Coconut oil for baking cake