Information about our cupcakes

We produced cupcake using coconut oil which is the plant-based oil ingredients that are suitable for those having allergy to dairy products. The ingredients are also suited for semi vegetarian. (These vegetarians eat plant foods and may eat chicken or fish, dairy products, and eggs). The cupcakes that we are produced has a delicious taste and suite to the taste buds.  The batter made from … Continue reading Information about our cupcakes

From Kitchen To Beauty

Coconut water for drinks Coconut is one of the plants that do wonders in people’s life. In my culture, we use a lot of coconut-based ingredients for cooking. It has is own daily use especially for the coconut milk and grated coconut.  The amount of coconut usage is high and because of that, it is normal to see people plant coconut in their house compound … Continue reading From Kitchen To Beauty

When the fragrant dilute through the atmosphere

Baking cupcakes using coconut oil Baking is one part of the cooking method. There are others too. We may stir-fry, deep fry, steam, boil and grill. All of these make the food tasty to eat and to get the best nutrients from it. Nutritional food leads to a healthy lifestyle. Food is one of many ways for family bonding. Cooking for the family makes the … Continue reading When the fragrant dilute through the atmosphere

Petite ingredient do wonders in cooking

Pastry as a staple food There is a lot of food considered staple foods although the generation definition varied. For Malay, rice is our staple food. Rice is marvellous to eat with any side dish such as seafood, poultry or meat.  Rice is a carbohydrate food and if taken more without using it, the energy that had to be used turns to fat and thus … Continue reading Petite ingredient do wonders in cooking

Making an ordinary egg into a hearty meal

How important eggs in our home Even though it is simple yet is the main ingredient in many dishes. What is this main ingredient? The answer is an egg. Eggs are a versatile food and many people enjoy them fried, boiled, scrambled or baked. They are easy to incorporate into a diet. Eggs fulfil a lot of cooking requirements. It is cost saving protein. Easy … Continue reading Making an ordinary egg into a hearty meal