4 Lessons learned from painting boundary wall independently

I think, calculate and plan by myself  It is an eyesore to watch the railing and boundary wall of my house deteriorating for many years.   The paint has long gone, replaced by moldy walls. It was an unpleasant view.  The boundary wall needs a facelift  but  it is costly to hire people for repainting. Time does not permit DIY painting because working in the media … Continue reading 4 Lessons learned from painting boundary wall independently

Kopitiam Malaysian Coffee Shop

The taste and aroma of local coffee fill the atmosphere as you enter the coffee shop. The person-in-charge at the kitchen busy preparing people’s order. The customers waiting patiently to be served at a table. In the mean time, some are reading newspaper while others have small conversation with their friends. Majority who patronise the coffee shop are men in their 60s. Kopitiam Kopitiam is … Continue reading Kopitiam Malaysian Coffee Shop

Book as a therapy to mind

Reading is an essential skill as we grow up, not until I found this term; bibliotherapy.  I was intrigued with the term as I read it through the local daily newspaper. Bibliotherapy is a concept of “healing” through reading.  The words come from Greek word which “biblios” means book and the word “therapia” means healing.  As I was searching further for an in depth meaning … Continue reading Book as a therapy to mind

Baulu a Malay Traditional Kuih

The Malay generation in the early days created kuih with three main ingredients. They use wheat flour, sugar and egg. They named it Kuih Baulu. The ingredients are normally available in the kitchen at their house in village. Kuih Baulu requires simple ingredients but the process to make is delicate with a longer time.  There is no measurement tool to get the right amount of … Continue reading Baulu a Malay Traditional Kuih

Getting to know Bingka Ubi

Many of the Malay kuih we inherit from the older generation are traditionally being served until today. Malaysian can easily find all sorts of Malay delicacies sold by stalls at the roadside.  Usually, our older generation creatively makes kuih from the ingredient that is easily available. Bingka Ubi is one of them. It is made from tapioca that easily grows in our tropical weather.  In … Continue reading Getting to know Bingka Ubi

Cendol and Rojak

What is cendol? Cendol words come from Malaysia. The word was first introduced in 1932 as one form of dish that available in Kuala Lumpur. It is a famous dessert in Malaysia and well-known across South-East Asia. According to Wikipedia, cendol is an iced sweet dessert that contain rice flour jelly with coconut milk and palm sugar syrup. This is another definition that is described … Continue reading Cendol and Rojak

Banana Leaves as Food Wrapper

Banana trees can be easily grown in the compounds of tropical areas and gives a lot of benefit to the community. In  countries such as Malaysia, India and Indonesia, banana trees are common in the culture of people and can be seen as ubiquitous in the community.  Especially the leaf of the banana tree. The leaves are large, flexible, waterproof, rich in fiber and enzymes. According … Continue reading Banana Leaves as Food Wrapper

Traditional sundry shop remain relevant in Malaysia

What is sundry shop? In Malaysia we called sundry shop as kedai pelbagai, in Singapore they have known as mama shop and sari-sari store in Philippines. There are popular in Malaysia and consider one-stop centre for those who want to cook and shop for daily cooking. Sundry shop is a shop that sells essential dry kitchen item for everyday use. The concept is unique whereby … Continue reading Traditional sundry shop remain relevant in Malaysia