About Us

We created our version of cupcakes using coconut oil.

Halaman Sihat

Our Story

My youngest son loves cake. However, over the years he found out that he has an allergic towards dairy and cocoa product.

One day after he eat the cake containing butter he had rash all over the face and body. Then, he make a check up with the doctor and he find out that he has those allergy.

Even though he know how to make one, but he still want his mother baked for him. Thus, he request me to make cake from coconut oil which he does not have any problem with.

I took those request and make few attempt on making marble cake for him. I learned that the cake is possible to make after many trials.

Initially, I make those cake to fulfill his desire. After some time, others request from me also. A good response from the people who taste my marble and pandan cake made me want to venture in this product in the large scale.

Our business

We are an entrepreneur of the retail sale of homemade food products registered under the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).

We consist of a chef and a marketing manager. The chef produced freshly baked cupcakes for every new production. The marketing side will promote the product through online marketing at the website at halamansihat.com and social media.

In addition, we do sell our cupcakes at the wet market every day as an offline store. The sambal nasi lemak and spicy chilli oil is placed at a local learning class

Contact Us

Halaman Sihat Enterprise

Bandar Baru Selayang Fasa 2B,

68100, BATU CAVES,


Email: halaman.sihat@gmail.com

WhatsApp: 011-14378464