From Leftover Ingredients to Hearty Meal

I read an article about different kinds of food made from leftovers that turned up to be a healthy meals.

My favourite food is on the list which is spaghetti bolognese and shepherd pie. 

In Malaysia, we also have a few kinds of dish that is made up of leftover food. 

Leftover food is food that can be consumed. However, most of it turned up in landfills.

We should not throw the food that still can be eaten as it consumes a lot of energy to make it. 

Speaking from my experiences, I used to grow water spinach ( kangkung) and ladyfinger (bendi)  in the backyard. 

Good food harvest from garden
Green Harvest
These are the vegetables harvested from my garden.

It does take months of hardship and perseverance to grow the vegetables. Sometimes it grows and other times it is not.

It takes a lot of hard work to grow vegetables and I end up buying vegetables at the market rather than growing them myself. 

Growing my own vegetables made me appreciate the effort that the farmers have contributed to us. 

A meal created from the leftover waste is splendid and delicious to eat and it has an amazing transformation.

These are some delicious menus created based on the leftover food. 

Bubur Lambuk 

Bubur Lambuk
Bubur Lambuk
A type of porridge that is commonly prepared during the fasting month.

Bubur Lambuk or Mix Porridge can be made up using coconut milk, spices such as cinnamon stick, star anise and chicken stock made from the chicken leg. 

Bubur Lambuk is a type of porridge that commonly being prepared during the fasting month.

In Malaysia, mosques will be prepared the meal for the congregations, peasant and needy people. 

If we prepared the Bubur Lambuk at home we usually use leftover rice. 

However, for the crowds in the month of Ramadan, the mosque will be using new rice and fresh ingredients. 

Nasi Goreng or Fried Rice

Nasi Goreng Belacan
Nasi Goreng Belacan
I made a variety of fried rice and it turned out to be different with each ingredient that I used.

Fried rice can be made up basically on any ingredients in the kitchen. You just need a bowl of leftover rice, salt for seasoning and egg! 

There, you can have Nasi Goreng Cina or Chinese Fried Rice. 

To make it have a better taste we can pound onion and garlic. Another type of fried rice that I used to make it using dried chilli and anchovies. 

Nasi Goreng is an easy dish that I believe every Malaysian has its own recipe and it can be turned up differently each time we cook. 

Even though it is a home-based dish, there is many food stalls or even restaurants or hotel that serves fried rice on the menu.


Kerabu is a type of Malay side dish.

It is a type of dish that consists of a mixture of parboiled vegetables.

Kerabu can be added with anything that completes it. 

The dressings that be used to complete the dish can be anything ranging from grated coconut, pepper and salt. 

According to the article that I read, kerabu was created because villagers didn’t have access to cooking oil. So they just pick fresh greens in their backyard and eat it raw. 

Kerabu is almost similar to salad in the modern menu. 

They are a variety of kerabu such as kerabu taugeh ( bean sprout), kerabu mangga using unripe mangoes. 

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