Home cook meal as good food

Good food is fresh, rich in nutrients and healthy. 

It is easy to identify good food which charts in the food pyramid.

These good foods are widely available in the fresh food market. 

When we consume this good food, which is rich in nutrients, it helps our body to gain health benefits.

In addition, good foods come from meals prepared at home. 

Home cook takes a large portion of time to prepare, however, it has long term benefits that one may miss. 

For me, home cook meals are considered good food and today I want to share my experience prepared this good food over the past 37 years for my family. 

How I start with the home cook

Firstly, we have to go to the market to buy fresh ingredients according to what we plan to cook on that day.

These fresh ingredients make the food we cook tasty and healthy regardless of the recipe. 

Good food from the fresh market
Some of the fresh vegetables that I bought from the fresh market.

Buying fresh ingredients is vital to good food because you know the ingredients that you put inside the cooking. 

These fresh ingredients also enhance the quality of the food that we consume. 

Dining out with the same quality food that we cook at home is very expensive.

I had heard one entrepreneur mentioned during a radio interview.

When she first started the home-cooked business, she sold RM80 per serving.

Despite there is a demand, however not many can afford it.  

She added that is the real price if you want healthy food when you eat outside. 

Eventually, she changed the idea by opting for cheaper ingredients at an affordable price costing at RM14 per serving. 

If we cook on our own we spend less money but consuming more time, justified for better health.

Besides, when we eat at the restaurants we also have to pay not only the cost of the food but the business itself. 

How I prepared good food 

Home cooking is good because of the way we cook good quality ingredients.

To cook quality food, I follow the advice of a dietitian in the hospital. Less sugar, salt and oil. 

Based on my cooking experience, I found out that using olive oil for sauteing is good.

Grilling fish on the pan with less oil is another way of cooking rather than deep-fried the fish. This will also retain the juiciness of the fish. 

Using less oil in dishes like curry or sambal.

Using new oil whenever we are urged to eat fried chicken or bake the whole chicken in the oven and stuff in its spices and herbs. Your chicken tastes superb.

Meal that I made based on vegetable from garden
Nasi Lemak made from pandan juice. I prepared this meal by using the pandan leaves and Brazil spinach from my garden.

For the real taste of food, in-home cooking add up fresh herbs and spices. With the right amount of salt or sugar, the food turns out to be gourmet.

Cleanliness is also an important issue in cooking. 

Chicken, seafood, vegetables and other ingredients in use must be washed thoroughly. We are not sure how the kitchen restaurant handles this matter.  

Benefits of eating home-cook meal 

At the age of 61, I must stay healthy to lead a good life. Life is precious and taking good care of the food we eat leads to a healthy body and mind.

I love eating my own cooking as it is according to my taste. 

Using fresh ingredients makes food taste better. I know what is inside the dish and the same time what goes in the body.

All the home-cooked food gives better results in dual annual check-ups. 

The doctor in the hospital told me that my blood gives beautiful results and that I have no medical issues.

The doctor told me; my urine reading is also good. Since I have no issue with the result, it takes me 10 minutes for the sessions.

The hospital gave me an appointment for another six months for the next check-up.

Get the vaccine 

I have no medical issues after taking the vaccine. I have no fever or experiencing any side effects. 

I believe home-cooked food gives antibodies that are needed to prevent unhealthy conditions.  

Physical activity to support the body to keep fit is a must.

Thus, I do gardening at home and take care of the house compound by myself. 

Good food harvest from garden
Some of the vegetables harvested from my garden.

Activities like a machine the grass, digging and planting new vegetables are ongoing. 

I prefer doing these activities because it benefits the body and my garden is well kept.

Collective action gives better result

Mind here, not only eating healthy food, physical activities are vital for the body and brain. 

Cooking in the kitchen needs energy and keeps the mind active. 

This makes me feel tired spending time in the kitchen and garden. 

By the end of the day, the effort worth it. 

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