The first year of entrepreneurship

I want to share what we have learned about being members of entrepreneurship.

I started with a basic foundation of learning regarding the management of a business in graduate school and since I am keen on life-long learning, we set up the enterprise for a continuous learning curve and providing employment for me as well as the medium for my retired mother continuously working at golden ages. 😊 

Follow the protocol of the platform provider 

Once in two or three months we often received an email from the platform provider in this case Google that our image is small.

We follow the protocol provided by the Google platform in resizing our image to at least 1200 pixels for better crawling and indexing of the Google bot.

This information does help us rank on page one of Google search for stories such as Ais Kacang and Cupcake in Selayang

In doing everything we could as advised by the platform, the decision is up to the prospective customers and the audience to click on our website.

We could not control the receiving end-user but at least we try our best by the following protocol that is mapped out for us.

By doing so at least we did not take the blame for ourselves and meanwhile, we continue work on the physical premise that soon we are going to have. 

In this era of 2021, we had read many struggling stories of the local entrepreneurs in our country surviving their business in these trying times.

Let me quote an article that is written in our local newspaper, “According to a survey by the Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia on business and economic condition in the first half and second half of 2021, up to 73.7% of companies are still facing the 3C problem- cash flow, cost and credit.  

Let us put it this way,  if you still have some reserve funds, use them wisely and proceed with the available funds and determination that you have.

Because the courage and experience are so valuable that it could be an eye-opener for reality and it is a humbling experience that makes us more mature in the business field. 

Try not  commit to long-term liabilities

We do not own a new car for the enterprise and oftentimes the car requires extra maintenance fees from us.

People around us had advice to purchase a brand-new car for our business.

Knowing ourselves better, with our current sales, we could not afford to have extra liabilities for our enterprise.

Thus, we continue using the same loyal car to move around for the time being. 

Most of the time business is about marketing

According to the same article that I had read, business is all about buying and selling. 

I want to add my tiny opinion here, as I believe that no matter the product that we use or the industry that we are in, most of the time business is about marketing. 

There are many platforms available today making marketing more challenging than ever. For instance, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and  Search Engine Marketing (SEM). 

We have to allow ourselves to keep pace with the technology.

In order to follow the rules of the day, our mind also bustles to find an idea to make useful content for the platform and channels.  

By end of the day

Go ahead!

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