What I learned through following recipes on the Internet

The preparation before the celebration

Prepared by buying the ingredients for the feast one day ahead.  If we buy ingredients on the same day of cooking, the task will be daunting. 

The ingredients that we bought can be found at the grocery store not far from our house and we do not want to travel far in order to find food. 

The celebration of birthday
This is our meal for the birthday celebration.

We decided to make homemade pizza and chocolate moist cake for the birthday celebration. 

Even though now, it is allowed to dine in the restaurant, we prefer to take our own measure by minimizing contact and interaction with others. 

Besides, we rarely eat outside. What is more, with the Internet, we can make our own meals at home. 

I do search for chocolate cake recipes on the Internet to make one.

Through the Allrecipes website, I found a simple recipe using vegetable oil to make the cake.

As coconut oil is always available in our kitchen, I can substitute the recipe using it. 

In this blog post, I want to share what I learned through following many recipes on the Internet. 

Lesson 1

Find the recipe that you have available ingredients at home.

There are plenty of recipes on the Internet that we can find.

However, some recipes require many ingredients to make in order to yield the same result. 

I always look for three to four websites that teach the same meal with different ingredients and compare the ingredients with what we have in the kitchen.

This not only saves the time of searching for the ingredients but also prevents wastage of the ingredients that are available at home. 

Lesson 2

Follow the recipe closely.

When I first started out, I used to adjust the ingredients and the quantity that the recipe had given.

Oftentimes, I failed.

The meal somehow is not working as it is because I already adjusted the measurement.

Then I started to blame myself for not following the recipe and the mood to eat became less. Thus, follow the instructions on the recipe religiously. 😊 

Lesson 3 

Sometimes the recipe just told the basics and you have to figure out the rest. 

For example, I found an easy and delicious cake recipe on the Internet.

However, it just stated the basic rule of making the cake without instructions on how to bake the cake properly.

Luckily, I consulted my mother and she told me that I need to wrap the tin cake on the outside so that the cake does not appear like a mountain and cause me difficulty to layer the cake together after it is baked. 

This brings me to the next point. 

How we baked two-layer cake 

Two layer chocolate moist cake
I baked this two-layer cake using nine-inch cake tin wrapped with wet tissues and aluminums foil.

Usually, the two-layer cake is made when one big cake is cut in half. However, there are techniques that can be used to bake the layer cake nicely without being cut in the middle. 

Cutting the cake causes the shape to be unequal in size.

Thus, my mother taught me a new technique. 

The batter is divided into half in the two nine-inch tin cakes. Then, wrapped the two-cake tin with wet tissue covered with aluminium foil. 

Then baked the cake according to the instructions. 

The end result will be that the two-layer cake will have a nice round shape with the top flat. 

Without aluminium foil wrapping, the cake will be raised up and this will cause it difficult to layer the frosting and stack one another. 


To celebrate the special day, feast or celebration at home, we can do it now despite using minimal ingredients. 

Essentially what we need is some basic knowledge of cooking and extra guidance from outside, be it a real person or virtual. 

Armed with the recipe, skills and courage you certainly will ace the cooking! 

Lastly, we can make our own celebration at home without the need to spend a large amount of money to feel the joyous moment. 

Rather be creative with ingredients. 😊 

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