Pandan Cupcakes

Different presentation of pandan flavour

Pandan is one of the earliest flavours that we have made and thus it undergoes many changes in the form of presentation.

Initially, we make it plain as we want to serve simple cupcakes to the customers.

As time passes by, we add a few toppings to enhance the pandan cupcakes.

Thus, we add chocolate chips, chocolate spread and chocolate rice to the cupcakes.

Even though we add additional topping to it, we still make simple pandan cupcakes upon customer request.

One of our customers had used our pandan cupcakes as a door gift and requested us to make it simple.

Hence, we have a variety of cupcakes presentation for the customer to choose from.

Medium sized cupcakes
Basic Batter
Medium-sized cupcakes of pandan are suitable for travelling and as a door gift.
Pandan cakes
Big Pandan Cake
The pandan cake is suitable for morning breakfast and tea time.
pandan chocolate chips
Add-up Flavour
Pandan chocolate chips are one of the varieties that we have.
pandan with custard cream
Cream Decoration
Different topping for pandan, with custard cream and chocolate rice. Best to be eaten directly.

The simple pandan cupcakes look gorgeous with the chocolate topping. On top of the chocolate topping, there is a sprinkle of chocolate rice.

Suitable for anyone who likes a traditional taste with a twist of the modern version. You can have one cake with two flavours. 

The taste of pandan and chocolate make you enjoy your morning coffee and tea time break. 

It is a good choice to give as a present or have it at a gathering.

Pandan with chocolate spread and chocolate rice
Chocolate Topping
Pandan with chocolate spread and chocolate rice is the latest topping that we have.

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