Soy Sauce: For cooking and consuming

Type of soy sauces

There are three types of soy sauce: salty soy sauce, sweet soy sauce and dark soy sauce

Soy sauce or which is famously known as kicap in our everyday Malay language is a suitable ingredient for cooking or to eat as it is. 

In this blog post, I will share how I use soy sauce to simplify cooking and adding flavour to plain congee.

two type of soy sauce
Dark soy sauce and sweet soy sauces that I commonly used in daily cooking and consuming.

Salty soy sauce

This salty soy sauce can be used to cook chicken rice and fried kuey teow.

To prepare for soy sauce for chicken rice, add salty soy sauce to chicken broth.

While for fried kuey teow combine salty soy sauce and oyster sauce.

Sweet soy sauce

soy sauce with porridge
One of the simple meal that I give to my children when they were young, congee and sweet soy sauce.

The soy in this category have a sweet taste and can be eaten as it is.

This black sauce is a type of condiment that is suitable to be eaten by kids and adults. 

Usually in my country, kids love to have it as part of daily eating with rice. 

Sweet soy sauce is nice to eat with freshly cooked rice. In fact, the taste is better even when we eat with a fried egg or deep-fried fish such as mackerel. 

Dark soy sauce

It is suitable to make for fried rice noodles or prep for marinating for baked chicken. 

Do not forget a bit of Worcestershire sauce and black pepper for marinating the chicken, baked in an oven does yield a good and healthy chicken.

Fried mee hoon
Dark Soy sauce can be used for fried rice noodles.

Soy sauce for dip

Soy sauce can be used as dip or pencicah. Normally we use dark soy sauce. For instance with grilled fish or ikan bakar. 

Dip for ikan bakar

Usually, I will take bird eye chillies from my garden, cut them.  Slice the calamansi lemon, squeeze the juice. Then, add in diced red onion. Do not forget to add sweet soy sauce in a small bowl. Then mix it together using a spatula. 

The dip for ikan bakar is ready! 

Dip for bihun soup

Pound the bird eye chillies with garlic. Add up the kicap to the mixture. The aroma of the hot taste of dip smells good. Take a few amounts and put in bihun soup. This add make the soup hot and spicy.  

Kicap produced by the local

In Malaysia, we have a variety of soy sauce produced by entrepreneurs. 

Since there are many brands that are available, it gives us many options to select and store in our kitchen pantry.

To name a few brands that we usually bought are Kicap Tamin and Kicap Kipas Udang.

Kicap display on the table in the restaurant.

This is normal for many restaurants in Malaysia as many patrons would like to add kicap in their food. Malaysian like it so much to add kicap to their plate of food be it nasi goreng, nasi campur (rice with side dishs) or noodles.

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