Taking Alternative Route

Our previous decisions

In the last post, (Preparation Before Ramadan), we do mention that we are going to open a cupcake stall in Bazar Ramadan in our localities.

However, upon discussion, we decided that we had made a wrong strategy to open a cupcake stall during the pandemic.

For our safety, we decided to retrieve back our decision from participating in the event.

Given that the health benefits do outweighs the economy, we do not want to jeopardise our health for anything else.

We may risk ourselves getting infected with the disease.

Right now, the situation may seem okay for us to involve, however as we had been advised by our family members who worried about our selling activities may cause us landed in hot water if we are not careful.

They mention, “Does not mean that whatever decision that we made, we have to proceed”.

Both of us do agree. For them our health is top priority.

Besides, it’s not wrong to listen to someone younger than you if their argument is based on fact.

Consider other ways

Our family members suggest, we can do other things related to our cupcakes in the safest way by minimising contact with people.

We learned that our strategy to promote the simple and healthy cupcake to others can be channelled through another medium such as social media and of course the website. 

They also added that we could invest on new design sticker to promote our cupcakes to others.

We also believe the situation does not stay forever.

After this situation resolve we can sell the cupcakes like we want. Having face to face contact with the customers.

This rescheduled strategy shall be implemented two to three years from this date.

As for now, we will stay safe and healthy by following the rules of distance, hand wash, and stay indoors as best as we could.

We inform the event organizer regarding our decision and we do apologize for our decision. They were fine with that and return the whole payment, our details and form that we have given to them.

On the other side of the story, before we made the decision, we already stock up our ingredients for one month.

Thus, in the upcoming month of fasting we do not have to trouble ourselves in getting back and forth to local baking supply to get the ingredients.

In conclusion, we do believe that the steps that we made have benefits us in the long run as we do not want to harm ourselves of getting the disease.

The time is not suitable for both of us and our health must be given priority.

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