Preparation Before Ramadan

On my way home 

Ramadan is around the corner and our tasks increase. 

On the way back from collecting sales on Monday,  22nd March 2020, while I drove back home, I saw a banner stating that the Ramadan Bazaar will be scheduled for the 1st of Ramadan in our residential area. 

We were interested in this kind of event for a long time yet it is unavailable for us as most of the events were located far away from us. 

Thus, the event that is going to be scheduled for next month does catch our attention. 

On the same day, I saw the banner, I headed up to the local hall which is located around a ten-minute drive from our house. 

As soon as I arrived at the location,  assuming I was interested in finding a location for selling our cupcake, I was soon brief by the person-in-charge of the event regarding the Standard Operating Procedure for the seller during Covid-19. 

There are many requirements that we have to fulfil and to prove with documentation. 

Two of the requirements are to get Typhoid Vaccination and attend 3 hours  Food Handling Class certified by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. 

Getting  typhoid vaccine 

Luckily we had already attended the course last year. We only need to get the typhoid vaccination to complete the form. 

Unfortunately, in the first place we are  having difficulties getting typhoid vaccination in our town since most of the clinics in our town have run out of stock for the typhoid vaccine. 

I believe this is due to the recent declaration by the government allowing Bazaar Ramadan to be held that causes the clinic running out of stock. 

But we must hurry because our time is until the next day before the slot will be rented out. 

Therefore, I made a phone call to another  clinic in another suburb. 

We are safe! 

They have typhoid vaccine for both of us. Thus, we  travel to another suburb to be vaccinated. 

The doctor who vaccinated us is friendly and did ask us a few questions relating to our cupcakes.  

Before we left the clinic, she also provided us with a letter stating that we had been vaccinated. 

The typhoid vaccine that we have can last for three years. 

We thanked her for her service. 

Sending the form 

On Wednesday night, we submit the form and related document that they want, with a payment as per requirement. 

There were many people at the time we arrived. Mom quickly scans her phone on My Sejahtera and does a temperature check.

She was given a waiting number while I patiently waited outside of the same  hall that I went on last Monday.  

After 2 hours of waiting, Mom finally met the officer in charge and presented the document. The officer were satisfied with our document and we proceeded with payment and selection of the location.

We have a slot for selling our cupcakes in upcoming Ramadan.

That is all for today. I will update when we proceed to the next steps. 

Bye! 🙂

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