Coconut oil for baking cake

Using coconut oil you can swap with butter

Coconut oil is an edible plant-based oil extracted from the kernel of coconuts. This means it can be consumed directly, however, I rather use it as part of baking ingredients.  

It has been one year since I started using coconut oil for baking cupcakes.  The coconut oil used in my cupcakes has made it creamy, soft, and moist texture.

The reason I am using it as baking ingredients as my youngest son who loves cupcakes has an allergy towards dairy products. Thus, as a mother, I had to find an alternative for satisfying his needs. 

Four questions related to baking with coconut oil

  1. Do you melt the coconut oil for baking?
Coconut oil in a glass jar
The coconut oil that in glass jar storage ready to use for baking.

As I purchase the coconut cooking oil from a grocery store and local entrepreneur, the coconut oil came in a liquid state. This is because they cook the coconut milk to make the coconut oil.

Thus, having the coconut oil supplies in liquid state, I do not have to melt the coconut oil.

Even though I am aware there is a solid form of coconut oil, I am not able to find one in my localities.

If you have solid coconut oil, the procedure is still the same as using butter for baking. This means you need to melt the coconut oil.

2. How many cupcakes can the coconut oil produce?

The answer is varied depending on the size of your cupcakes.

By using 250 ml of coconut oil in my batter, I can produce 30 medium-sized cupcakes which weight 50g each.

You do not have to bake many times if using coconut oil, this amount is enough for a birthday party or any small gatherings.

If I change the cupcake liner and want to bake for large-sized cupcake which weights 70g each, I manage to produce between 13-15 cupcakes. This is the size that I usually make for everyday cupcakes.

  1. Can I make different recipes using coconut oil?

The coconut cooking oil has a natural taste and flavour; thus, it is easy to be used with any kind of recipes.

I have made banana cupcakes batter using coconut oil and it works fine. On top of that, the natural flavour of coconut oil blend with the ripe banana that used for my cupcakes as both is plant-based ingredients.

You may also swap the used of butter in the recipe with coconut oil. Using the ratio butter to coconut oil is 1:1. Which means for every 250g of butter we will use 250 ml of coconut oil.

  1. Does coconut oil withstand high temperature?

The refined coconut oil that I used can withstand the temperature until 232 Celsius and thus are suitable for cooking, baking, and deep-frying. 

How do I bake using coconut oil?

Finding the measurement for my own recipe

Marble cake
The Marble Cake that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

In the past, I used to bake Marble Cakes using butter. The recipe that I used is my own recipe, however, I almost forgot regarding the measurement because I have not practice for quite some time, as I usually prepared rice and side dish for my family.

I search the internet to find recipes that have similar ingredients to my own recipe with the measurement. All the recipes that I found are using butter thus I made an adjustment according to the ratio between butter and coconut oil as I mentioned above.

Here are the ingredients and basic instructions that I created to make cupcakes using coconut oil.

 Ingredients to make a simple batter

  • Castor sugar
  • Coconut oil
  • Coconut oil extract
  • Essence vanilla
  • Eggs
  • Self-rising flour
  • Salt

Instructions to make the batter

Place the castor sugar, coconut oil and coconut oil extract in a baking mixture. Beat it until the sugar and oil blend together.

Then, I add egg and essence vanilla and beat the mixture together. Then another egg is added, beat it until it has a fluffy texture. The procedure of adding the egg and beating it I repeat for four times.

Then, add in self-rising flour and a pinch of salt. Using the same mixture until it becomes a batter.

My batter is ready to add with flavours that I like, such as Milo, Pandan, Blueberry and Red Velvet.

Tips for baking first time

These tips are based on my experiences and trial after baking the cupcakes for one year. I believe in saying that an expert is once a beginner. Through the time I grow my baking experience and would like to share with others.

  • Follow the recipe that you have as guidance, including the measurement and the instruction to prepare.
  • The first attempt was never a perfect sailing for everyone, however, keep doing it for the second time. You may learn something from the first-time experience that you have.
  • Gradually, you will improve and refine the recipe that you first have found. This can be your own version of the recipes you may make an adjustment to the first recipe that you found.
  • Finally, to make the perfect cakes, keep on doing your own refine recipe many times. 


No matter what the reason for starting, at least start somewhere and as time goes by you will gain experience lesson and wisdom from it.

For me, my sole reasons for baking with coconut oil is ultimately trying to fulfil the request of my youngest son. As I go along, I gather the benefits of using it as one of the baking ingredients.

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