Cupcakes in Selayang

Nine Selections to Choose

We create gourmet cupcakes using high-quality ingredients from our production kitchen in Selayang.

You are welcome to try our available flavours for those who want to eat simple and healthy cupcakes. These are the flavours of the most popular cupcake in Pasar Selayang Baru.

  • Vanilla Chocolate Chips Cupcakes
  • Milo Chocolate Chips Cupcakes
  • Milo Marble Cupcakes
  • Blueberry Cupcakes

We also have five sprinkle cupcakes that are attractive and delicious especially for children.

  • Orange Chocolate Rice Cupcakes
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes
  • Pandan Cupcakes
  • Strawberry Cupcakes

We are located in Bandar Baru Selayang Fasa 2B. This is the list of areas that we cover for delivery.

  • Apartment Julia
  • Bandar Baru Selayang 
  • Taman Selayang Mulia
  • Kampung Bendahara 
  • Kampung Nakhoda 
  • Kampung Laksamana
  • Kampung Selayang Baru 
  • Kampung Sungai Tua Baharu
  • Taman Jasa
  • Taman Jasa Utama
  • Medan Batu Caves 
  • Taman Al-Amaniah 
  • Taman Batu Caves 
  • Taman Sri Selayang

Other areas that we covered

  • Selayang Indah
  • Taman Selayang Utama
  • Taman Selayang Mutiara 
  • Taman Selayang Jaya
  • Taman Selayang Segar

In the next paragraph, we are going to describe each of the cupcakes that we have on our menu.

Customers can choose a cupcake from nine different flavours available in our kitchen.

Continue reading the following sections if you are interested to know which flavours are our best sellers.

Milo Chocolate Chips Cupcakes

Milo Chocolate Chips Cupcake
This is Milo Chocolate Chips Cupcake.

Milo powder is the main ingredient in the Milo Chocolate Chips Cupcakes. The combination of Milo with our cupcake batter produced a chocolatey taste.

Besides that, the chocolate chips are added to the cupcake to give it a rich flavour of chocolate.

Chocolate chips are available in almost every bite of the cupcake.

The taste is suitable for kids and adults.

Based on gathered data of our business from October 2020 until today, we have concluded that the best seller flavour by far is Milo Chocolate Chips.

Vanilla Chocolate Chips Cupcakes

Vanilla Cupcake with Chocolate Chips As Topping
This is Vanilla Chocolate Chips Cupcake.

Vanilla Chocolate Chips is a classic sweet taste infused with the modern taste of chocolate chips.

The outstanding colour’s blend of original vanilla with chocolate chips attracts customers to grab this cupcake. Like Milo Chocolate Chips, you will have chocolate chips in every bite of this cupcake.

The Vanilla Chocolate Chips Cupcakes are suitable to be enjoyed with hot coffee and tea.

In addition, it is also suitable to give as a gift to special people and as a door gift at a wedding reception.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcake
This is Red Velvet Cupcake.

For the red velvet, we customised the flavour to suit local taste.

The colour of the cake is a dark red mix of pure cocoa. This mixture enhances the colour of our red velvet.

Combination of red and cocoa gives a flavourful presentation to the cake. The taste is toothsome for everyone to enjoy.

Since we believed in simple cupcakes, we simplified the decoration for the red velvet cupcake.  

Our red velvet drizzled with custard cream giving a contrasting look to catch people’s attention.

It can be enjoyed for morning coffee or tea break in the afternoon. The Red Velvet Cupcakes cherish the get together moment with a special person.

Milo Marble Cupcakes

Milo Marble Cupcake
This is Milo Marble Cupcake.

The six-layer batter alternately between vanilla, red colour and Milo come from the traditional recipe in the Marble Milo Cupcakes.

The combination of three colours of Milo, red and vanilla produce a yummy taste as the texture is soft.

Layer by layer with three different colours makes the cake look nice. As you begin to eat, you can see the alternating colours.

On top of the colour, there is a pattern of flower petals. 

Our marble cupcake is an old-time favourite among adults and because of this It is a good choice to give as a present.

One lady brought our Marble Cupcakes for a special occasion to meet her mother in law.

It is also suitable for any occasion and celebration.

Blueberry Cupcakes

The combination of basic cupcake batter with blueberry filling enhances the cupcake fruity flavour. 

We make Blueberry Cupcakes with the vanilla batter much the same way vanilla extract complements chocolate.

The blueberry filling was drop scatter inside the cake made from the fresh blueberry. After baking it appears as fresh blueberry fruits inside the cupcake. 

It gives the taste of freshness from the fruit and blueberry filling is the same as fresh.  The texture of the cupcake is desired to eat.

When having the bite, the filling is a sweet surprise inside each cake. Not only inside, the blueberry filling is on top of the cupcake.

This helps  the customer easily choose the Blueberry Cupcake when they are ready to make a selection.  

You can have it as a snack at home or your next get together.  Either way, the Blueberry Cupcake will be a big hit.

It’s fresh, bright and fill with fresh fruit flavour  as a gift to special people and a door gift at a wedding reception. 

Orange Chocolate Rice

Orange Chocolate Rice Cupcake
This is Orange Chocolate Rice Cupcake.

The orange fillings enhance the flavour of the cake with an extra taste of chocolate topping.

The combination of orange and chocolate has captured many of our customers.

Thus, as for April 2021, this has become one of the requested flavours.

Orange chocolate rice suitable to eat with hot drinks such as hot cocoa, coffee and tea. Loved by children and adults.

Strawberry Cupcakes

Strawberry Cupcake with Strawberry Jam As Topping
This is Strawberry Cupcake.

Strawberry fresh is a little bit sour but juicy fruit. It can be delicious if eaten with cake.

We combine the strawberry jam in our cupcakes. The thick baking jam which we obtain from our bakery supply suits our Strawberry Cupcakes.

We put the jam drop by drop in the batter. The red colour is added in the plain batter so that the cake turns like strawberry colour. 

The strawberry jam furnishing the top of the cake looks pretty nice on it. The sweet cake is perfect with sour-not-so-sweet strawberry baking jam.

On top of that, we added flowery shaped custard cream as a topping.

These two decorations of the cake give extra flavour to the Strawberry Cupcakes.
Kids love to buy cupcakes  since it looks  appetising and pretty.

Pandan Cupcakes

The pandan cupcakes have a scented aroma that catches your sense of smell once you are about  to eat the cupcake. 

It is made from the pandan leaves extract that we made on our own.  To make  the cake brighter, we use the green food colouring. 

The combination of fresh pandan leaf colour and food colouring make the cake tempted to eat.

The pandan extract makes the Pandan Cupcake fragrance and influences the taste of the cake.  

The simple pandan cupcakes look gorgeous with the chocolate topping. On top of the chocolate topping, there is a sprinkle of chocolate rice.

Suitable for anyone who likes a traditional taste with a twist of the modern version. You can have one cake with two flavours. 

The taste of pandan and chocolate make you enjoy your morning coffee and during tea time break. 

It is a good choice to give as a present or have it at gathering.

Beryl’s Cupcakes

Beryl Chocolate Cupcake
This is Beryl Chocolate Cupcake.

These petite chocolate cupcakes are made from locally manufactured dark chocolate. 

We carefully chose the dark chocolate button to enhance the taste.  

It has a moist chocolate taste.

The texture is soft when you bite it.

This is a pure chocolate cake specially made with the best main ingredient.

You can enjoy having Beryl’s cupcakes with hot tea and coffee be it for morning coffee break or afternoon tea time.


As we progress, we keep hear stories from the customer and we like to hear from you!

Call us to get the cupcakes at your doorstep

Link to our list of cupcakes

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