Cupcakes in Selayang


COCAKERY is the brand for our cupcakes. The complete production takes place in Selayang.

We do believe that a simple and healthy cupcake without icing is the right way for us to enjoy a good cupcake.

For those who prefer to eat cupcakes as it is, you are welcome to try one of the available flavours.

Our business core competency is producing cupcakes for those who cannot tolerate with dairy products.

Thanks to the coconut oil as the main ingredient, that enables us to produce non-dairy, soft texture and fragrance cupcakes!

We firmly believe the best cupcakes could only come from a combination of best ingredients.

Due to this reason, we used our own mixture of self-rising flour for every batch of cupcakes that we produced.

In this way, we can assure our customers will only receive a cupcake with the best foundation.

Besides that, the sweetness is suitable for everyone since the ratio of the flour and sugar is 1:1.

On top of that, only washed eggs are going into the batter. This to ensure every single aspect of hygiene were taken care of.

Our packaging with a gold twist tie

After baking and cooling, we keep the freshness by keeping it in a clear plastic bag sealed with a gold twist tie. Thus, making it a perfect as a gift for friends or even loved ones.

Story behind our cupcakes

By using the principle less is more, we bake only a range of different flavours each day.

The implementation of data analytics in our production has helped us to decide which flavours to bake on which day.

This also indirectly helps our customer to save their time when they need to decide on their flavour of choice.

Customer can choose a cupcake from ten different flavours available in our kitchen.

Continue reading the following sections if you interested to know which flavours are our best seller.

Milo Chocolate Chips Cupcakes

It has chocolatey taste. Inside and top of our Milo Cupcakes has chocolate chips. It is being a favourite among the kids and adults.

Based on gathered data of our business since October 2020 until today, we have concluded that the best seller flavour by far is Milo Chocolate Chips.

Vanilla Chocolate Chips Cupcakes

Vanilla Chocolate Chips is a classic sweet taste infused with the modern taste of the chocolate chips.

The outstanding colour’s blend of natural vanilla with chocolate attracts customers to grab this cupcake.

One of our customers shared with us how well this flavour goes along Malaysian’s favourite dish – Nasi Lemak.

The vanilla cupcakes counterbalance the spiciness of the sambal.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

For the red velvet, we customised the flavour to suit local taste.

The colour of the cake is a dark red mix of pure cocoa. This mixture enhances the colour of our red velvet.

Since we believed in simple cupcake, we simplified the decoration for the red velvet cupcake.  

Our red velvet drizzled with assorted heart mix giving a contrast look to catch people’s attention.

Marble Cupcakes

Our marble cupcake is an old-time favourite that is like by the elderly. It comes with three colour of cupcakes which is red, vanilla and chocolate.

One lady brought our Marble Cupcakes for a special occasion to meet her mother in law.


As we progress, we keep hear story from the customer and we like to hear from you!

Call us to get the cupcakes at your doorstep

Link to our list of cupcakes

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