Information about our cupcakes

We produced cupcake using coconut oil which is the plant-based oil ingredients that are suitable for those having allergy to dairy products.

The ingredients are also suited for semi vegetarian. (These vegetarians eat plant foods and may eat chicken or fish, dairy products, and eggs).

The cupcakes that we are produced has a delicious taste and suite to the taste buds. 

The batter made from coconut oil suitable for different flavours. It’s neutral taste blends with blueberry, strawberry, pandan, orange, Milo, vanilla and banana.

It is a healthy snack and easy to grab. It made oneself fuller before having the main meal.

How We Made Our Cupcakes

As we believe in healthy food, we crafted our own recipes from scratch. We sift the correct proportion of the baking powder, wheat flour and adding a pinch of salt to made our own self-rising flour.


  • Self-raising flour 
  • Eggs 
  • Coconut oil
  • Essence vanilla 
  • Sugar 


  1. Placed in sugar and coconut oil in a mixer and mix it together.  Mix it until it turns fluffy.
  2. Then, break the egg one by one and add in essence vanilla. 
  3. Add in our own self-raising flour in a mixer and mix it together. 
  4. Mixed it until the sugar, coconut oil and self-raising flour mix well.
  5. The batter is ready to be bake. 

Our customer 

Our cupcakes have been introduced to the localities residing in our area.  The majority of our customers are children and young adult. Even we also catered for adult as well. 


We currently have 10 different flavors. And the information regarding the ingredients in the cupcakes can be seen here

  1. Milo Marble
  2. Pandan Coklat
  3. Vanilla Chocolate Chips
  4. Milo Chocolate Chips
  5. Orange Chocolate Rice
  6. Blueberry
  7. Strawberry
  8. Banana
  9. Banana Chocolate Chips
  10. Red Velvet

For  occasion

Our cupcakes are suitable for daily eating such as for morning breakfast and tea time. The cupcakes are used as a door gift, “hantaran”, birthday party and small gathering. 


We always keep the cupcakes fresh in the cover storage porcelain bowl at room temperature. This way, cupcakes retain it moist. If we keep it in the refrigerator may cause the cupcake to dry out. 

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