Glass bottles as food containers

Water bath canning method is one of the way that people in other countries used to preserve vegetables into pickles.

It is a simple method of washing and boiling of the glass bottles.

This can be done at home and on the small scale.

A doctor advised us on using this method and glass bottle specifically to store our sambal nasi lemak.

The physician told us that

Besides from the health benefits, it can be sterilized very quickly in boiling water and last longer.

Dr N.B. Aronson

To used this method we need to have glass bottles, water bath pot to cook the bottle and tongs to handle the glass bottle.

The water bath pot are not easily available in Malaysia and we have to go to Damansara to find only one pieces of water bath pot.

Meanwhile the tong, we purchased it through online store.

Upon advised, we made some literature research on the Internet and do watch video on the YouTube to help us to do this method at home.

We identify few of key features of the glass bottles that make it suitable to be pack as sambal nasi lemak container.

Key Features of the Glass Bottles

1. Glass is an impermeable material which means water and air can not enter the container. Thus, preserving food flavour’s and freshness.

2.Glass containers do not interact with or alter the taste, odour or composition of the food that they contain.

3.Without the addition of chemicals during production, glass containers can effectively protect foods while preserving the product taste and maintaining purity. 

We add few point to that based on our observations!

Glass bottles are attractive because they have a classic look.

They stay simple and never go out of style.

Many people also choose to keep and repurpose their glass bottles. 

The definition of canning method

So what does it means by canning?

Canning involves cooking food, sealing it in sterile cans or jars and boiling the containers to kill or weaken any remaining bacteria as a form of sterilization. 

When we boil the glass bottles, it removes the oxygen remaining in the glass bottles, which helps form a tight seal between the lid and the glass bottles.

Besides that, the heat used for this method of canning is sufficient to kill bacterial cells found in the food.

Here we describe the steps that we are using in preparing the packaging for glass jars.

Boil the water

We fill the water bath and heat it until the water boils.

Preparing Jars and lids

We discard the jars that have cracks or damage that may prevent an airtight seal from forming.

We do wash the jars, rinse under running tap water and dry using a drier with 40 Celsius.

Inserting the sambal into the glass bottles

The suggested amount of food that must be placed (Boyer.R. &McKinney J.M, 2019).

We follow the guidelines from Boyer R.R. &McKinney J .M., 2019 in determining the amount of sambal that we placed inside the glass container.

According to the authors, the distance between the bottom of the lid and the top level of the food should be in proportionate with each other.

Boil the filled glass bottles

Cook the glass bottle for 10-12 minutes. Let the bottle cool.

Labelling and Storage 

The products are then stored in a cool and dry area under the room temperature for up to six months. 

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